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VIP Landscape
V IP Floral | 2539 20th Street | Slayton MN 56172 | 507.836.8260
We offer FULL landscaping services -
Residential and Commercial
  • Lawn Sprinkler Systems
  • Retaining Walls
  • Paver Patios
  • Seeding and Sod
  • FREE estimates
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To compliment our cutting edge designs, VIP Landscape installs
decorative rock in a variety of sizes and colors including washed
river rock, gray granite stone and tan aggregate.  We also use
Versa-lok and Keystone retaining walls which are recommended for
larger projects, 4' or taller.  Each wall is a pinned system which will
retain large areas of soil.  Each of these products is available in a
variety of colors as well.  In addition, we install paver patios and
walks, which are a very popular alternative to concrete and wooden
decking, and since pavers do not crack, heave, rot or need to be
stained, they are nearly maintenance-free.  We use only Borgert
brand pavers.  Endless designs and a variety of color choices make
them perfect for any patio, sidewalk or driveway.

VIP Landscape uses various seed mixtures as well as offer sodding,
which gives an "overnight" green lawn; however, both seeding and
sodding require proper maintenance to ensure success.  To assist
with this, we offer Rainbird and Toro irrigation systems which can be
installed with electronic valves and clocks - the easiest way to
maintain your lawn!

We also have commercial grade vinyl edging available in 20' strips
including stake kits.  This is a very cost-effective and long-lasting
product when properly installed.  Concrete bullet edging and
retaining wall block are also available providing attractive and
durable edging in a variety of colors including charcoal gray, light
gray, amber, tan, chocolate, red and blended varieties.   In addition,
we have a large selection of trees, shrubs and perennials available
to suit any landscape design and all are hardy enough to withstand
Minnesota winters!
VIP Landscape

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